I see you.

Somewhere there’s a universe where (conversation -> tryst [wild/romantic] -> unexpected consequences -> shotgun marriage) somewhere (hands/clothes/hands/skin in a dark room I see you in the bars of streetlight through the blinds) somewhere (I caught a bus and you went away) somewhere (it was embarrassing, we share awkward “hi”s now and then and walk away fast) somewhere (we just fucked, I hope it was good?) somewhere

How many instant(ly forgotten) flirtatious glances do we pass to make up a lifetime?  How many branches are snapped away from our timelines when we don’t look back?  There’s one where I’m folding you into me, we’re enveloping each other like twins in the womb, shutting out the world outside the walls of heavy blankets with cilia fuzz tasting our skin.

What is that feeling – “I would have been-”

Flattery/Uncertainty.  Sorrow/Arousal.  Intrigue/Repulsion.  Curiosity/Melancholy.

I’ll never see you again.


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