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BANG-on mind of a drowsy brain in a rust-lit hole of a saloon
Every face here is pretty enough for the D.M.V.

Stack a plastic up, knock a whisky down,
Wonder why your hair’s grown long
What’s if feel like, all clammy-neck on the pillow?

The original heroes exist outside our time and inside our walls
“They” are dead, but “they” named it after “their”–
The lie we all pass on into stories and pictures.

None of us go to heaven,
But there is an afterlife if you keep your mouth shut
And sell beer to strangers
Looks like I’m immortal
After all

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leaning on the counter writing this with another company’s blue gel pen because all night it’s been slow old jazz, remember that, there’s a lot of good lyrics sweet and sentimental thinking on them now they’re pretty poor poetry but in the right light powerful verse nonetheless, it’s not every kind of music just drips of a person, and it’s a fat heavy downpour outside so wherever I go I guess it’s thick in the air that I’m not where I should be, and if I don’t get there soon something is going to break becasue I only have so much capacity, you know, oh god god what the hell do I do, will you just indicate something please, this is just a circle I keep walking in please grab an arm or something pull me out get me back to me, I don’t know how I don’t know how

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