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From a bridge

Iron flake and orange
Strength and sunset
Earth in an Easter dress
Tapped at with tree-fingers
Peach-blanched with winter
Roll over my shoulderback
Five or fifty dozen times a day
Face-down to my deep dark bloodlines
Molded to their hills and tracks
Warned away from touch
Huddled here under old fish bones
Invisible to the sky, and in it
Staring at the earth, and through it
Rusty old body under a big new sound
Here with you ’til you forget
My joy to sleep and see so much
And never waking, never say a thing

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see the vast heaving, pneumoniac breathing

here are the catty shoulders, grinding imperfect self-portraits in glass and stone and secret beds of sand

this is the repulsor of light, rippling out of penetrating sight and stealing away with sucking sound, carrying forward nothing and drawing it back by time, time, time

know that an indifferent imperial train to each vast impermanent outpost owes nothing to the moments, hears and sees them spark and stamp and fail

all is contained in time, through time, for a time

there the stone-carver, glass-etcher, softener of sturdy walls to silken secret beds of sand, passes sentinel millenia in ancient endless poetry

babble, rush and murmur to this moment, living offspring of an ocean, quintuplet sister Michigan

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