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see the vast heaving, pneumoniac breathing

here are the catty shoulders, grinding imperfect self-portraits in glass and stone and secret beds of sand

this is the repulsor of light, rippling out of penetrating sight and stealing away with sucking sound, carrying forward nothing and drawing it back by time, time, time

know that an indifferent imperial train to each vast impermanent outpost owes nothing to the moments, hears and sees them spark and stamp and fail

all is contained in time, through time, for a time

there the stone-carver, glass-etcher, softener of sturdy walls to silken secret beds of sand, passes sentinel millenia in ancient endless poetry

babble, rush and murmur to this moment, living offspring of an ocean, quintuplet sister Michigan

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Out on a milky ocean, fuzzy gray with streaks of silver
and here and there a thread of blue or white like sunlight in aged hair
I saw bodies drowning.

Unable to cling to their scraps and wrecks,
descending in slow fading trails into the dark mystery,
(these fuse-tail duds, sparking bright and sizzling to dull and smoky ends before the powder stops, or curls of blue-black ink rising from blown candles)
these smoke people rising downward all around me
and I saw that I was like them:

All these guts of fireflies,
waiting on a tyrant child’s thumb and forefinger
to crush us into moments of bloody wonder
before we fade into smears of irrelevant gore on the asphalt.

But my raft is sturdy, and I cannot see the bottom
And although I am tired of this fog, and
although I shut my eyes against this fog, and although
I think I will always be with this fog,
I can carry a small light.

I am no twisting smoke, winding into unlit fathoms,
am not a gliding seabird on migration to the sun,
but here in the mist I may yet scrape to landing
on the pebbles and rough rocks of some wild shore.

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