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Stomping and Yelling

The simulacrum heart
at estimated life-time
Beats to bits and digits
of a pulsing software suite

Soon we will all be in the ice
Waiting to forget
that we-
Deaf and sober
Twisting idiots
Stomping and Yelling,

We closed our jealous hearts
Tight on crunching glass
We   spit   out   the   shards   all the way home

I sucked ice with my lungs
I tip-toed over the cold white way
tip-toed and whispered
smaller and smaller

Warm arms revived us
And our heart began to beat at the breath of life

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So what is it?

A little sort of a something that keeps me from leg-rot in the head, I said. A statement of no purpose. Stomping and Yelling, you hurricanos.

There’s nothing I can’t put down that I haven’t made.  Maybe that’s it.  I keep making things and never seem to get around to getting them around.

Today I did nothing and boy are my eyes tired.

Don’t worry, kid, we’re not done yet.  What comes next?  All these skill points and I haven’t even left the first town?  I got it, we got this, it’s too old for kicking around now.  Fix it all.  Get the tools.  All these holes and rusty patches can’t keep out the rain.

1. Wheels, child. This isn’t playtime. 2. Learn or do. Figure it out.  We are.  I am.  This is what it is.  A lot of little and way past late but someone’s got to pay the bills. Get your childhood sheared.Get sharp get hard get clean get all the rest.  Get on the boards.  Get loved. Get laid.  Never stop getting.

No more mistakes. No more regrets.


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